This title page will be the last thing I finish. The characters have changed quite a lot since the first time I attempted it. One of the hardest things is getting the girl's expression right.

This was an extremely difficult page to complete but completing it first was necessary in order to establish the composition of the bedroom. It then became a reference page for subsequent pages. I love my duvet (dooner) design!

Ah, Bubble Monster... how I love creating thee. Quite tricky though, and it doesn't look that realistic in terms of bubbles. But they're my bubbles and I love them.

The tiles were totally impossible to do without an iPad Pro and ProCreate5!!

The reason why this and so may images that may seem finished remain "draft" is because I haven't completed the hair of the dad. I shall do this last so that when I do attempt to render it, it will be consistent.

One of my favourite images.

I still have serious reservations about this page with the three points of focus. I welcome anyone's thoughts on this so long as they tell me it works and I've nothing to worry about.

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