The strip cartoons of Alex Mitchel

Failed cartoon strips part 2:

"Sunshine and Moonstruck"


Slight development in style. The cartoon strip was still about two down-to-earth superheroes, their every day lives, rather than any great adventures or acts of strength and heroism. So it remained too mundane and unfunny. At the time I still couldn't see why I wasn't getting snapped up by the Syndicate Agencies.
Now clearly I was beginning to waste my time and my career was going nowhere. I think I worked in the Arnolfini bar in Bristol whilst temping at the Prudential! I really should've done that Marketing Diploma earlier instead of wasting my time on this... oh well.

Stylistically I was all over the place. I wanted to make something beautiful, but lacked the skill and patience to create a graphic novel. And I wanted to write funny stuff in short panels that would make me rich, sitting on the back page of the Guardian - or whatever paper would take my work.

Note, by end of this strip it's clear that the two are more brother and sister, than husband and wife like in earlier strips. I think this reflected my success with women. I was becoming every girl's "like a brother to me".